Armenia Project

The Lemkin Institute's Armenia Project aims to raise awareness around the world about the global threats to Armenian life. Starting in 2021, we have repeatedly warned of the threat of genocide to Armenia from its neighbor, Azerbaijan. This threat is unfortunately flying under the radar of the international press, the international NGO community, and diplomatic circles. The Armenia project hopes to bring genocide prevention to the South Caucasus region by offering the information and training necessary for long-term peacebuilding and human security.

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The Lemkin Institute has issued a series of Red Flag Alerts for Genocide for Azerbaijan and other countries which are threatening the existence  of the Armenian identity and people.

The Lemkin Institute has repeatedly denounced the genocidal dynamics at work in the South Caucasus region in public statements. 

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Armenophobia Report

Armenophobia is the hatred of and discrimination against Armenians, both as an ethnic group and as a religious minority in the Middle East and South Caucasus.  Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia are home to some of the worst instances of anti-Armenian hatred, but the problem is global in scope.  Researchers at the Lemkin Institute are currently writing a report on Armenophobia which will be presented in December 2022 to governments, international organizations and NGOs. 

Azerbaijan and Turkey Watch

The imminent threat to Armenia comes predominantly from Azerbaijan and Turkey, where presidents Ilham Aliev and Recep Tayyip Erdogan regularly engage in Armenophobic statements. The Lemkin Institute is translating these statements, as well as other instances of Armenophobia in the Azeri and Turkish languages.

Keeping accounts


The Lemkin Institute collects all relevants reports pertaining to the situation in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and the evolution of the relationship between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Most Recent News on Genocidal Threat in Armenia