Ukraine Project

The Lemkin Institute is working with the Ukraine-Based Regional Center for Human Rights and the OSINT citizen journalist project Bellingcat to collect data on atrocities being committed in Ukraine as part of Russia's war of aggression, code atrocities for evidence of genocide, and produce maps, reports, and legal claims based on this research.

ICC Communication

On October 25, 2022, the Lemkin Institute and the Regional Center for Human Rights submitted a ICC Communication on the Responsibility of the Russian Federation Officials for Genocide in Ukraine for Forcibly Transferring Children of the Group to Another Group.

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OSINT Data Mapping

The Lemkin Institute is partnering with Bellingcat to map evidence of genocide against Ukrainians in Russia's war of aggression. Maps, databases, reports, and legal claims are in the works.

The Lemkin Institute has issued a series of Red Flag Alerts for Genocide for Russia which is threatening the existence  of the Ukrainian identity and people.

The Lemkin Institute was the first international organisation to denounce the genocide committed in Ukraine.

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The Lemkin Institute has repeatedly denounced the genocidal dynamics at work in Ukraine in public statements. 


The Lemkin Institute co-sponsored and spoke at the side event on "Genocide in Ukraine" at the Warsaw Human Dimension Conference on 3 October 2022

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The Lemkin Institute will organise an International Conference on Genocide in Ukraine in February 2023.

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