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Lemkin Institute: Artsakh - Crisis (III)

Lack of access to energy has a direct and profound impact on the realization and enjoyment of human rights. It affects health and life outcomes by blocking the operations of vital medical facilities and preventing people from heating their homes. It affects education by forcing the closure of schools and universities and interrupting schooling at home. It affects communication by disconnecting people from their means of access to the outside world. The disruption of energy supply also impacts the living standards as well as the means of subsistence of entire peoples.

Azerbaijan's deprivation of gas and electricity supplies to the territory of Artsakh in the midst of freezing winter constitutes a violation of Armenians' individual human rights.

The Baku-led energy disruption in Artsakh negatively impacts the daily life of the 120,000 Armenians living in Artsakh, incluidng over 30,000 children.

Tens of thousands of people are now on the verge of an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe caused by Azerbaijan while their human rights are being trampled in front of the entire world. The silence of the majority of the international community is deafening.

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