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Bosnian Kids Send Gifts to Peers in War-Torn Ukraine

Thousands of Bosnian children whose parents remember the 1992-5 Bosnian war have sent gifts to the children of Ukraine, a country now undergoing the same ordeal.

“Many of those who came with their own kids today told us that they also received gifts during the [1992-5] war in Bosnia,” Mirela Geko, the museum’s programme coordinator, told BIRN.

The action that ended on Friday resulted in some 2,000 carefully selected, packaged, wrapped, ribboned and signed packages that will be sent to Ukraine, and to Poland as well, where many Ukrainian childeren are living as refugees.

“Each package contains a letter, signed and sent by the kids of parents who were in the same situation some 30 years ago,” Geko added.

The War Childhood Museum also has an office in Kyiv, whose connections will be used to make sure the packages reach those they are intended to reach.

“We [Bosnians] truly understand how those kids feel at the moment. We also understand how much it means to receive a package and to know that someone, somewhere, is thinking about you,” Geko concluded.

One of the children that brought gifts. [Photo: BIRN/Azem Kurtic]

Mirela Geko, War Childhood Museum. [Photo: BIRN/Azem Kurtic]

A package intended for Ukraine. [Photo: BIRN/Azem Kurtic]

Packages for Ukraine. [Photo: BIRN/Azem Kurtic]

Piles of presents for Ukraine. [Photo: BIRN/Azem Kurtic]

Presents for Ukraine. [Photo: BIRN/Azem Kurtic]

A signed gift for Christmas. [Photo: BIRN/Azem Kurtic]

[Photo: BIRN/Azem Kurtic]


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