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False Promises: Serious Human Rights Violations in 75 Days of the Taliban regime

Since its rise to power on August 15, the fundamentalist movement of the Taliban has tried to show the world a friendlier face than that of that obscurantist regime from 1996 to 2001. However, in just 75 days of its rule, they have already been denounced obvious setbacks in human rights with regard to women's access to education and work, freedom of the press, the right to information and political representation of minority groups. Specific cases of extrajudicial executions and torture at the hands of Taliban officials have also been reported, and the situation with forcibly displaced Afghans is extremely worrying.

In his report "False promises: 75 days under the Taliban regime , Amnesty International Argentina reviews the events that marked two and a half months of the Taliban regime and the complaints that the organization has been able to verify on the ground regarding human rights violations. Likewise, it lists the multiple actions carried out at the local and global level to demand from Argentina and the rest of the countries a greater commitment to the serious situation that is evident in the Asian nation.

The rights of women are already being violated because they are prohibited working them (some refrain from doing so for fear) and are not given place in the new government. Likewise, the repression of protesters against the regime has left people injured and dead, and journalists face significant intimidation and house searches, as well as being prevented from working through arbitrary arrests, detentions and ill-treatment. Human rights defenders, for their part, fear for their lives and those of their families and some have already faced reprisals. And to this are added the innumerable obstacles faced by those trying to flee the Taliban regime, from new bureaucratic obstacles to summary returns.

"Despite the image, the Taliban try to portray themselves as a reformed group that will protect women's rights and guarantee freedom of expression, it is increasingly clear that such guarantees are not such. Reports of killings, torture and the cutting of essential supplies to civilians are evidence of war crimes committed by the Taliban," says Mariela Belski , Executive Director of Amnesty International Argentina.

This places a huge responsibility for the international community to take a firm stance to ensure that human rights are respected in Afghanistan, as well as to ensure the safe and orderly transit of Afghans who are in danger of being attacked by the Taliban. Similarly, Amnesty International Argentina has asked the Argentine government to demonstrate solidarity with the displaced Afghan population through their admission through complementary channels, resettlement and / or humanitarian visa free of charge, with flexibility in the documentary requirements for reasons humanitarian. And to resume and expand the Argentine Community Sponsorship scheme, reaffirming the national tradition in matters of international protection and solidarity with the great humanitarian crises, such as the one that is evident today in Afghanistan.


(c) 2021 Amnesty International



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