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Human Rights Campaign Condemns Passage of Bill Attacking Transgender Children in Iowa

Iowa House passes HF 2416, Legislation to Ban Transgender Children, College Student-Athletes in Iowa From Participating in School Athletics Consistent With Their Gender Identity

Following tonight’s House vote on HF 2416, legislation that will ban transgender children and college student-athletes in Iowa from participating in school athletics consistent with their gender identity, Human Rights Campaign Senior Vice President, Policy & Political Affairs, JoDee Winterhof issued the following statement:

“Every student should be able to receive their education in a safe, welcoming environment. The last thing anyone should want is for a student to feel stigmatized, alienated, or isolated just because of who they are. That’s why it’s so outrageous that some Iowa politicians tonight are trying to make life harder on transgender student athletes who want nothing more than to just have fun playing sports with their friends.”
“Like much of our country, Iowa is facing real challenges today. This bill, however, will not make life easier for working Iowans, bring down the high cost of living, or do anything other than to make life harder for kids who may already be struggling.”
“The people of Iowa elected their representatives to do real work and solve real problems. They didn’t elect them to make divisive, discriminatory attacks on children. Iowa deserves better than taking the state backwards from the equality that is already part of Iowa."


(c) 2022, Human Rights Campaign



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