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Joint Statement on Recognition of Yazidi Genocide by German Parliament

Joint Statement by Yazda and the Yazidi Survivors Network on Recognition of Yazidi Genocide by German Parliament


In response to the unanimous vote by Germany’s Lower House of Parliament to recognise the genocide committed against the Yazidi community by ISIS, the Yazidi Survivors Network (YSN) and Yazda issue the following statement:

The YSN and Yazda welcome the motion by the German Parliament to officially recognize crimes committed against the Yazidi community by ISIS as genocide. While the motion has no bearing on criminal trials, it represents an important symbolic step forward and will help further justice, accountability and humanitarian efforts for the Yazidi community.

We extend our immense gratitude to the German Government and Parliament for their support to the Yazidi community and their leadership and efforts to address international crimes committed by ISIS over the past eight years. Germany alone has prosecuted five ISIS members and indicted two of them for genocide. A sixth suspect is currently on trial in Koblenz. Germany is also the country with the second highest population of Yazidis after Iraq and became a homeland for many, especially survivors.

Although, ISIS committed genocidal acts against the Yazidis, including mass and individual killings, torture, rape, sexual slavery, abuse and other inhumane and degrading treatment with the intent of decimating the Yazidi population, the majority of perpetrators of the Yazidi genocide have not yet been brought to justice for international crimes either in Iraq or internationally. This decision by the German Parliament represents a positive step towards widespread recognition of the genocide and the pursuit of restorative justice for the Yazidi community.

The YSN and Yazda remain committed to pursuing increased recognition of the genocide, as well as justice and accountability for crimes committed by ISIS. We encourage the international community to follow the example set by Germany and dozens of states and institutions which have previously recognized the Yazidi genocide, including the United Nations.

Members of the YSN commented:

This is a precedent step which is not new for the People of Germany. Germany has hosted the Yazidi diaspora community within its border and gave them home for many decades. This action of recognizing the Yazidis Genocide has risen from the human core values built in the heart of Germany and the people of Germany. Therefore, we are hopeful that other nations follow these values and impose Justice that should hold perpetrators accountable and make the Yazidi survivors feel that they have been helped and humanity is not dead.

Haider Elias, President of Yazda added:

The recognition for the Yazidi genocide by the German Parliament is a major step and a milestone towards advocacy for the community. The steps that follow this process are extremely important for the future of the community in Sinjar as well as in the IDP camps. After this major event the ball will be in our court and we need to use this opportunity and this sympathy for the best interest of the community and its destiny.

Download statement here.


(c) 2023, Yazda


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