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“Macedonian Genocide” propagandists use images of dead Greeks/Sri Lankans in misinformation campaign

The North Macedonia [sic] Slav diaspora organisations have deceitfully devised a so-called “Macedonian Genocide” propaganda operation, the Macedonian League has uncovered.

The Macedonian League is an international professional Hellenic advocacy group with the stated goal, among others, of analysing the media in Greece’s northern neighbour and its diaspora community to gather information on political developments.

The advocacy group says that the diaspora community of Greece’s northern neighbour encouraged and emboldened their supporters to reproduce historical photos of this so-called genocide.

This was achieved by using out of context photographs of the Jewish Holocaust, the Genocides of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire, Nazi atrocities in Greece and Europe, genocides of other people and other unrelated war photos.

According to the Macedonian League, the purpose of this fake genocide claim is to aid in their pursuit of promoting anti-Greek sentiment world-wide, with the three main North Macedonia [sic] Slav diaspora organisations working around the clock for this.

They highlighted that in 2018, these diaspora organisations went public to promote the “Macedonian [sic] Genocide” to a worldwide audience by even holding events outside of Greek Embassies and Consulates to drive the message home on an unsuspecting public.

The Turkish state-run broadcaster Anadolu Agency was more than happy to oblige in pursuing the fabricated genocide, while at the same time, downplaying the genocides of the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire (1912/13-1924).

Anadolu Agency is more than happy to publish the propaganda of the World Macedonian [sic] Congress (a.k.a. WMC), the United Macedonian [sic] Diaspora (a.k.a. UMD) and, the Macedonian [sic] Human Rights Movement International (a.k.a. MHRMI).

The deceitful claims of a “Macedonian [sic] Genocide” are designed to subvert and manipulate the history of Greece’s Civil War (1946-1949) for their own politically-motivated agenda, according to the Macedonian League.

This is to ensure anti-Greek sentiment within their community remains strong.

The fraudsters go as far as claiming that Greece, an EU and NATO member state, killed and massacred it’s Slavophone population in the Greek region of Macedonia and that this “genocide” continues to occur to this very day.

The claims become even more ludicrous when leaders within the North Macedonia [sic] Slav community have no qualms whatsoever in stating that while the “genocide” continues to occur, Greece has been “encouraged” by the willfully blind major world players.

In essence, what they are saying is that not only is Greece a “perpetrator”, but so are the likes of the US, EU and NATO.

The underlying reason for these fake claims by the three anti-Greek organisations has nothing to do with getting a “genocide” recognised (since they know it doesn’t exist), but everything to do with the name dispute between Skopje and Athens that ended in 2018.

with the signing of the Prespa Agreement (also spelled Prespes Agreement). These organizations aim to deceive innocent bystanders who don’t understand the main reason behind the anti-Greek campaign.

Below, the Macedonian League exposes images used for this campaign by the FYROM Slav organisations in question and their online followers who help promote the so-called “Macedonian [sic] Genocide” by using photos of genocide and war out of context.

This thus shows their collective lack of morals when it comes to the promotion of their anti-Greek, racist agenda.

The pictures below portray a side-by-side comparison of the fraudulent use of historical photos (left) versus the authentic images (right).


See all the photos and read the full report by the Macedonian League here.


(c) 2022, Greek City Times


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