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Norway arrests man wanted by Rwanda for role in genocide

[Gilles Peress / Magnum Photos]

A man in his 40s who is wanted by Rwanda for his role a genocide in the African country has been arrested in the Norwegian capital of Oslo upon an extradition request, authorities said Wednesday.

Thea Elise Kjæraas, a spokeswoman for Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service, said it had ” carried out several investigations related to the background of the extradition request in advance of the arrest, but it is still early in the investigations.”

“We cannot therefore go into the details,” Kjæraas added.

It was unclear when the man was arrested and authorities did not give his name or what he is suspected of doing.

The man will face a custody hearing later Wednesday where the prosecutor will ask for him to be remanded in custody pending further processing of the extradition request.

In 1994, some 800,000 people, mostly ethnic Tutsis, were killed by Hutu extremists during the Rwandan genocide, according to the United Nations.


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