Pashinyan says Azerbaijan preparing ground for new attacks on Armenia

EU monitors arrive in Armenia [Twitter | Toivo Klaar, October 14]

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has warned that Azerbaijan is trying to create a “pretext for new military aggression against Armenia.”

“Azerbaijan is continuously attributing its own ceasefire violations to Armenia. Obviously, this is a creation of a pretext for new military aggression against Armenia,” Pashinyan tweeted on Monday.

The Defense Ministries of Armenia and Azerbaijan have accused each other of ceasefire violations every day in the past week. Pashinyan retweeted a report from the Armenian Defense Ministry on Tuesday that Azerbaijani units along the eastern border fire at each other and then at Armenian positions “as if in response to fire opened by the Armenian side.”

“The Azerbaijani armed forces create an impression that the Armenian side is firing in the direction of its positions, and then begins to open fire in the direction of the Armenian combat positions from different caliber firearms,” the MoD of Armenia said.

Pashinyan said the report proves that the Azerbaijani side is “creating fake news on ceasefire violations by Armenia.”

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense said on Monday that the Armenian armed forces “assembled additional military personnel and four artillery pieces” using military vehicles near Azerbaijani military positions along Armenia’s eastern border on October 16.

“We declare that the Armenian military-political leadership bears the entire responsibility for the tension that may arise in the region,” the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.