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Tatoyan Foundation: Checkpoint is mean by which Azerbaijan isolates Karabakh from outside world

[Source Credit: Tatoyan Foundation/Lemkin Institute]

At the joint initiative of the Center for Law and Justice "Tatoyan" Foundation and the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention, the Lemkin Institute carried out a special fact-finding visit to Syunik Province of Armenia. Arman Tatoyan, director of the Tatoyan Foundation and the former ombudsman of Armenia, informed about this on Facebook.

“The goal of the mission was to monitor the situation on the ground, namely the blockade of the road of life connecting Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) to Armenia by Azerbaijan.

“The group observed the recently installed Azerbaijani checkpoint.

“The visit proved that this checkpoint is a mean by which Azerbaijan isolates Artsakh from the outside world and creates humanitarian crisis in Artsakh.

“The two institutions will come up with detailed report based on the results of the mission,” Tatoyan added.


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