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US official slams China's use of UN resolution to claim sovereignty over Taiwan

Mark Lambert says world needs to oppose China's distortion of UNGA Resolution 2758

United Nations General Assembly [United Nations]

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Mark Lambert blasted China’s distortion of U.N. General Assembly Resolution 2758 to justify its claim over Taiwan during a discussion at the German Marshall Fund on Monday (April 29).

The resolution, passed in 1971, only addresses the issue of the "China seat" at the U.N., transferring representation from the Republic of China to the People's Republic of China, Lambert said. China has falsely linked the resolution with its "one China” principle, he said.

Lambert listed four points regarding the resolution. First, it does not endorse China's "one China” principle or represent international consensus. Second, the relationships between Taiwan and other countries are sovereign decisions of each country and unrelated to the resolution, he said.

Third, the resolution does not decide the political status of Taiwan in the U.N., Lambert said. Finally, it does not exclude Taiwan's meaningful participation in the U.N. and other international organizations, he said.

The official pointed out that when Nauru severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan in January, it cited the resolution and the "one China” principle as reasons for its decision. He cited American Institute in Taiwan Chair Laura Rosenberger as saying at the time that the resolution did not determine Taiwan's status, or prevent any country from establishing diplomatic relations with Taiwan, nor did it exclude Taiwan's meaningful participation in the U.N. system.

The world needs to oppose China's distortion of UN Resolution 2758, Lambert said, since Taiwan has valuable expertise and resources it can share with the international community.

He specifically brought up Taiwan's contribution to global public health. If Taiwan could have shared information with the World Health Organization (WHO) before the COVID-19 pandemic, the outcome might have been different, he said.

Taiwan is sending Deputy Legislative Speaker Johnny Chiang (江啟臣) and three other lawmakers with medical backgrounds to the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) to participate in sideline meetings and garner support for Taiwan’s participation in WHO. This year’s WHA begins May 27.


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