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Statement on Artsakh Crisis (IV)

January 21, 2023

Statement on Artsakh Crisis (IV)

Azerbaijan has been clear about its intentions. The impunity afforded to the Aliyev regime is enabled by the continuous inaction of international bodies and states alongside their active support, often gushing, for the autocratic regime.

States and international organizations are guilty of providing military, financial, and diplomatic support to Azerbaijan although Baku's genocidal intentions towards Armenians and their territory are clear.

States and the international community cannot ignore Azerbaijan's genocidal behavior towards the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh any longer. The UN Genocide Convention commits states to both prevent and to punish the crime of genocide. Complicity is intolerable -- and illegal.

Azerbaijan and its ally Turkey must be sanctioned and isolated.

If Baku's actions remain unpunished as they are up until today, the world will soon be facing an upsurge of physical violence and a renewed genocide against the Armenians.

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