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Curacao government refuses to talk with Amnesty about human rights violations

Willemstad on Curacao - Source: Photo: kjorgen/DepositPhotos at

The Curacao government ignored a delegation from Amnesty International Netherlands last week who wanted to talk about the violation of human rights against Venezuelan refugees. The government also prohibited Amnesty International from visiting the barracks.

On Friday, Director of Amnesty International Netherlands Dagmar Oudshoorn and Amnesty researcher Yara Boff Tonella told ANP that they regret not reaching an agreement with the government. In a report published on October 11, the human rights organization stated that Curacao is violating the rights of Venezuelans fleeing to the island.

Venezuelans are said to be humiliated and held in inhuman conditions and in some cases, children are sent back separately from their parents. So far, there has been no response from the island government about the report. Amnesty also published a similar statement in 2018. At the time, the government said it would adhere to international laws and agreements.

Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of Curacao Gilmar Pisas said he could not receive the delegation. The barracks were not accessible due to renovation, the human rights activists' team was told. In Aruba, the government gave them a tour of the foreigner's barracks despite a renovation.

Oudshoorn said she is pleased that she was able to speak with human rights organizations during her visit to Curaçao, as well as with the deputy governor of Curaçao and the Representative of the Netherlands on the island. "But in the interest of human rights, we will continue to try to talk to the Curaçao government," Oudshoorn said.


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