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How We Identify Genocide

One of the tasks of the Lemkin Institute is to identify evidence and patterns of genocide as early on as possible in a conflict or within an ongoing structural dynamic of violence. The Lemkin Institute seeks in particular to raise red flags of genocide at precisely the moment when it may be inconvenient for states and large human rights organizations to do so.

The purpose of these identifications is to inform parties to a conflict, including external actors, of the possibility of a genocidal dynamic. We work with everyone who wishes to work with us to reduce harm. We believe that identifying genocidal dynamics early on is important to domestic and international responses, helping to ensure that they are crafted with optimal chances of success.

We go through a series of stages in developing our analyses, which we briefly outline below. All of our analyses are based on the most current information and literature in genocide studies and prevention. For more information, please view our Genocide Prevention Toolbox and feel free to reach out to us here.

Do you have a question about our process or about our approach to genocide and its prevention? Please send us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible!

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