The IPG engages in interrelated and ongoing research, education, training, and advocacy projects to offer resources for grassroots genocide prevention worldwide. We use the most innovative research on genocides in defining our work, thinking always in the long-term and focusing on society-wide capacity building.


Social media microcourses help spread knowledge and awareness of issues relevant to genocide prevention around the world in condensed and bite-sized formats. We do the research for you so that you can be well-informed despite your busy schedule.

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Online Training

We offer various online training opportunities, including our free 4-hour basic training in genocide and its prevention.

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Historical Case Studies

Our historical case studies are designed to be used in our genocide prevention training. They take a processural view of genocidal dynamics over time and aim to clarify red flags as they were developing so as to offer more precise opportunities for comparison between developments in the past and in the present-day.

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