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11 Principles of Genocide Prevention

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The Lemkin Institute believes that Genocide Prevention cannot be exclusive to elites in governments, militaries, and international non-governmental organizations


The Lemkin Institute believes that Genocide Prevention must be a tool for and from the grassroots.

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The Lemkin Institute supports the popularization of elite knowledge and elite training systems in Genocide Prevention.


The Lemkin Institute works to create a global shared language of Genocide Prevention and Peacebuilding as necessary foundations for effective prevention in the 21st century.

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The Lemkin Institute operates within a decolonial framework that seeks to build horizontal relationships of knowledge production and knowledge sharing across the hierarchical and dehumanizing divides of the global economy.


The Lemkin Institute eschews concepts of prevention that associate preventative models with specific geographic, historical or civilizational narratives – every society is vulnerable to genocide and almost every society has experienced genocide at some point in its history.

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The Lemkin Institute works as a bridge between divided communities as well as between those communities, national governmental institutions, and the international community.


The Lemkin Institute engages in multicultural, multinational, and multireligious dialogue.

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The Lemkin Institute endorses the principle of non-exclusion and thus engages in dialogue with all actors relevant to and interested in Genocide Prevention.


The Lemkin Institute promotes the values of independence, non-partisanship, and grassroots engagement as existentially necessary.

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The Lemkin Institute firmly believes that genocide can be prevented through the international collaboration of ordinary people as peacemakers.

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