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Volunteer Opportunities


The Lemkin Institute is always looking for passionate, committed people to join our team. For many of our tasks, you do not need to have a background in genocide prevention or peacebuilding. But no matter what you sign up to do, you will also be involved in the substantive work of the Institute, allowing your knowledge and horizons to grow.

Currently we need particular help with the following:


Press Releases

Social Media

Web Design

Day-to-Day Administration


The Lemkin Institute welcomes new volunteers and accepts volunteer applications on a rolling basis.


We will work with you to find tasks that are the right fit and that put your talents and interests to work.

We currently have 4 categories of volunteers:




Affiliated Scholars & Practitioners

Interns are expected to devote at least 5 hours a week to Lemkin Institute work. Most of our interns are BA and MA students. There is ample opportunity to take on more responsibility at the Lemkin Institute through an internship, by being invited to join, for example, our Editorial Staff or Executive Committees, or by directing one of our projects.

Volunteers can join to work on specific projects but not be involved in the daily and weekly tasks or the ongoing work of the Institute.

Fellows join to share specific skill sets or fields of expertise and to learn more about genocide prevention. Fellows engage in the daily and weekly work of the Institute, including the ongoing discussions and chats related to the Institute's functioning.

Affiliated Scholars are source persons and advisors for the institute but are not expected to do specific projects or tasks. They can choose their level of involvement.

Please fill out the form below to give us an idea of who you are, why you are interested in volunteering for us, and some of the things you might like to do as a Lemkin Institute volunteer.

Although all of our positions (including Executive Director) are currently unpaid, we work to make sure that you benefit from the time you work with us in other ways, by offering access to professional training, for example, and through individualized mentorship, resume building, and career workshops.

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The Application Process


Fill out and submit the form below.


Look out for an email from us to schedule a Zoom or phone call.


Sign up for orientation.


Work with your mentor to learn the ropes.


Join our team as an official Lemkin Institute officer!

Volunteer with us

What projects specifially interst you? Check all tha apply.
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