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Statement - Artsakh Blockade - 2 Months

February 14, 2023

Statement - Artsakh Blockade - 2 Months

Despite some tepid efforts by certain members of the international community, nothing seems to indicate that the blockade will be lifted or that the Azerbaijan regime will be sanctioned for allowing, endorsing, and facilitating this humanitarian crisis. On the contrary, the international community seems to be ready to remain silent while the Baku regime stages another genocide against indigenous Armenians.

The Lemkin Institute has issued a Red Flag Alert and several updates warning about the genocidal nature of Azerbaijan's criminal actions during the aggressive war of 2020, the escalation of violence in September 2022, and the ongoing siege of Armenians in Artsakh since December 2022.

Once again, we reiterate our call to the international community to take action in pressuring Azerbaijan to lift the blockade immediately, to sanction its regime for the criminal actions regularly committed against the Armenian people, and to help in creating a proper mechanism for peace dialogue and protection and security of the Armenian people in the region.

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