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We started this work as an all-volunteer, zero budget organization. However, we have seen an enormous demand for our work, well in excess of what we can offer with our current model. It is time for us to put down roots and branch out so that we can be sure to be actively engaged in working with threatened peoples all over the world in promoting sustainable human security and peace.

We are a registered charity in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA and are in the process of obtaining our 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Once our status is approved, all donations made after our date of incorporation (19 August 2021) will be tax deductible.

Your donation will go directly to our efforts to prevent genocide worldwide. We rely entirely on donors like you to continue our innovative work.

Your Donation Will Help Support:

  • Research and Writing of Statements and Red Flag Alerts
  • Research and Writing of Reports
  • Monitoring of Conflict Situations for Evidence of Genocide
  • Trainings & Workshops in Project Areas (such as Ukraine, Armenia & Somaliland)
  • Atrocity Documentation Tagging and Mapping Projects
  • Online Trainings and Education
  • Public Programs
  • Outreach to, and Meetings and Trainings with, Threatened Groups

Sponsor a Project:

  • We currently have projects in Ukraine, Armenia, and Somaliland, and we are developing several more projects in 2023.
  • If you would like to sponsor a specific project, please contact us as You can also make a donation using the button above and adding the project name under special instructions.
  • If you are a donor who is interested in the Lemkin Institute engaging with a specific crisis or region of the world, please contact us at our email address to set up a Zoom meeting to discuss.

If you would like to become a major donor, or would like to support us in other creative ways, please reach out to us at

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