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Call for Artwork

The Lemkin Institute is calling on artists of all kinds to donate artwork for our new MERCH initiative to help us stay afloat while ensuring our independence from the agendas of government and large foundation funding. If your artwork is chosen, we will of course credit you and will also add you to a new artist's page on our website and recgonize you on social media. So you can help prevent genocide while also getting some exposure.


  • All artwork must advance the idea of genocide prevention;

  • Artwork should not take clear political stances outside of the cause of genocide prevention (no promotion of political parties or political goals, even if the Lemkin Institute may appear to support those causes);

  • Artwork may use words that promote genocide prevention or quotes that support the values of prevention (for more information on the values of prevention, see our 11 Principles of Genocide Prevention);

  • Artwork may focus on a single case of genocide or the memory of a specific genocide;

  • Artwork may not use hate symbols or hate language, even if the purpose of the artwork is to challenge those symbols or words;

  • As we are currently using CafePress, we ask that artwork conform to their suggested criteria: 10" x 10" @ 200 DPI (2000 pixels X 2000 pixels)

Let’s Work Together - Submit Here

Questions? Want to help out in another way? You can use this form as well.

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