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The Lemkin Institute regularly sheds lights on developments in the US that are threatening to specific communities such as women, immigrants, transgender individuals etc.

The Lemkin Institute releases regular statements on the situation in the United States of America. We have published an extensive list of statement pertaining to the damaging politics put in place by politicians and which impact various groups of individuals ranging from women, to indigenous peoples and immigrants.


Statement on the Genocidal Nature of the Gender Critical Movement’s Ideology and Practice - November 29, 2022

Statement on the inhumane and illegal transportation of asylum seekers and migrants from Florida, Texas, and Arizona to other U.S. States - October 14, 2022

Statement on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade in the United States - August 19, 2022

Statement on 20th Anniversary of Guantánamo Bay - January 12, 2022

Statement on Recent Attacks on Women's Rights in the USA - September 7, 2021

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