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Mass Murder of “Battle-Aged Men” + Atrocities Against Women and Children

Men and boys are killed outright in massacres, as a means of “decapitating” the (perceived or real) patriarchal social structure, and women and children are murdered, raped, sometimes kidnapped and enslaved as resources for the perpetrating group, and/or expelled from the territory. The age of the men and boys killed will vary by the culture of the perpetrator, but is usually is between 10 and 70. Sometimes only prominent men are killed initially. Although women, girls, and young boys are not the direct targets of mass murder, they are frequently killed on a more individual basis and used to commit physical and symbolic harm, as, for example, when pregnant women are eviscerated or infant boys bayonetted; they can also be placed in conditions resulting in death, whether from starvation, exposure, torture, illness, or self-harm and suicide. This is the most common form of genocide.

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