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2021 Year in Review

The Lemkin Institute looks back at genocide and prevention in 2021 with 29 news synopses written from a genocide prevention perspective.

2021 Year in Review

2021 has been a year of tragedy and inhumanity. This brief report lists only a few examples of the many conflicts and human rights abuses that have impacted us globally.

The Lemkin Institute seeks to address the threat of genocide all over the world by promoting human rights and engaging in prevention with people from all walks of life. We hope for a more peaceful and inclusive 2022.

The Lemkin Institute's 2021 Year in Review report covers the following issues:

-Growing evidence of anti-Armenian genocidal ideology in Azerbaijan

-Evidence of genocide against Uyghurs by China
-Ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan

-Turkey's expansionist and destabilizing foreign policy

-The fate of Armenian POWS in Azerbaijani detention

-The first conviction of an ISIS fighter for genocide against the Yezidi/Ezidi people

-The worsening violence in Ethiopia

-Pope Francis's visit to Iraq in March

-The Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

-The Golden Jubilee in Bangladesh

-The 70th Anniversary of the We Charge Genocide petition

-The disappointing German response to the Herero-Nama Genocide of 1904-1914

-Two reports on French responsibility for the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda

-The 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre

-Efforts of Indigenous people in Brazil to take Jair Bolsonaro to the ICC

-The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

-Genocidal violence against Palestinians in East Jerusalem

-The Tatmadaw coup in Myanmar

-The refugee crisis in Belarus

-Joe Biden's recognition of the Armenian Genocide

-The trial and conviction of French-Rwandan Claude Muhayimana for the 1994 genocide

-The dismissal of genocide charges against former Khmer Rouge commander, Meas Muth, in the ECCC

-The discovery of mass graves of indigenous children in Canada

-Attacks on reproductive rights in the USA

-Struggles for police accountability in the USA

-Chinese revisionism in Hong Kong

-The lawsuit by Rohingya refugees against Facebook

-Struggles over genocide recognition in Bosnia-Herzegovina

-Efforts by Ukraine to push for recognition of the Holodomor as genocide

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