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2022 Year in Review

The Lemkin Institute looks back at genocide and prevention in 2022 with 23 news synopses written from a genocide prevention perspective.

2022 Year in Review

2022 has been a year of genocide and threats of genocide as the world continues to see the aggressive growth of authoritarianism and the use of force to address political problems. This brief report lists only a few examples of the many conflicts and human rights abuses that have impacted us globally.

The Lemkin Institute seeks to address the threat of genocide all over the world by promoting human rights and engaging in prevention with people from all walks of life.

The Lemkin Institute's 2022 Year in Review report covers the following issues:

- Taliban threats to the Hazara Shia community, to women, and to LGBTQ+ people in Afghanistan.

- Genocidal threats faced by the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh from Azerbaijan and Turkey.

- Azerbaijan's increasingly extreme and aggressive politics at home and abroad, especially with reference to the blockade of Artsakh and threats to invade Armenia proper.

- Growing ultranationalist calls from Republika Srpska for secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- What the world has learned about China's Uyghur genocide in 2022.

- The humanitarian catastrophe caused by war and atrocity in Ethiopia, especially the possible genocides being faced by Tigrayans and Amharans.

- Mounting Islamophobia in India and red flags for genocide among Hindu nationalist authorities.

- The amazing protest movement in Iran and Iran's deadly crackdown.

- Efforts by the opposition in Myanmar to oust the Tatmadaw from power as well as developments in the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya.

- Russia's descent into a genocidal dictatorship.

- Turkey's genocidal threats to Syria, Iraq, Armenia, and Greece.

- The tragedy of genocide in Ukraine.

- Saudi Arabia's crimes in Yemen.

- The overturning of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision in the USA, which legalized abortion.

- The escalation of anti-trans legislation in the USA and the growth of a global culture of hate for trans life.

- Legal threats to the Indian Child Welfare Act in the USA, which since 1978 has sought to reduce the harm of boarding schools and family separation.

- The Federal Indian Boarding School report issued by the US Department of the Interior.

- Pope Francis's visit to Canada to apologize for the residential schools.

- Ongoing threats to indigenous life in Brazil.

- The first ever indigenous truth trial in Argentina.

- The shocking massacre of dozens of refugees at a border station between Morocco and Spain.

- The recovery of two more stolen children from Argentina's "Dirty War."

- The growth in impunity for persecution of journalists worldwide and efforts to fight that impunity.

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