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Canada Allocates Over $28 Million to Support IDPs in Iraq, Syria

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(BasNews) In advance to the meeting of US-led coalition in Washington, Canadian announced on Friday the allocation of over $28 million to help IDPs in Iraq and Syria.

Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said this support will help to address the immediate needs of the population and allow civilians to return to territory liberated from Islamic State (IS).

“Canada is committed to defeating Daesh and supporting the children, women and men affected by this protracted conflict,” Freeland stated. “I am pleased to announce today new initiatives that will enhance security and stability in the region, including additional support to help more Iraqis return safely to their homes in areas liberated from Daesh.”

“It is by continuing to work together with Coalition partners that we will support the people of the Middle East and accelerate Daesh’s defeat,” the minister pointed out.

The Government of Canada is already contributing $1.6 billion over the course of three years towards security, stabilization, and humanitarian and development assistance in response to the crises in Iraq and Syria and their impact on Jordan and Lebanon.


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