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Amnesty Calls on EU to Hold Israel Accountable for “Crime of Apartheid Against Palestinians”

In the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers shot and killed two Palestinians and injured a third Monday as they drove their car near a checkpoint outside the city of Ramallah. Israel’s military accused the young men of plotting to carry out a car-ramming attack. The families of the men dispute Israel’s account, saying the soldiers opened fire on their vehicle and killed them “in cold blood.”

This comes as the EU-Israel Association Council is holding its first meeting in a decade today. Ahead of the talks, Amnesty International said in a statement, “Israel is committing the crime of apartheid against Palestinians. This is a crime against humanity requiring the EU to hold Israel’s leaders to account, and to ensure it in no way supports their apartheid system. Any cooperation must focus on dismantling Israel’s cruel system of oppression and domination.”


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