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Hamas praises China for its support at the ICJ

China has become increasingly aligned with the Palestinian cause in the last couple of years.

Hamas issued a statement in approval of the Chinese foreign ministry legal advisor’s comments at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague to the terror group's Telegram channel on Friday. 

In a nearly 30-minute speech, Foreign Ministry legal advisor Ma Xinmin began, “Dealing with the issue of the Palestinians serves as a litmus test for the collective conscience of humanity, the wisdom of the United Nations, and the authority of international law.”

In his speech, he notably argued that Hamas’s violent attack on Israel was in the name of resistance to foreign oppression. “Palestinian people’s use of force to resist foreign oppression and complete the establishment and independent state is an inalienable right. This recognition is also reflected in the International Convention for example, the Arab convention for suppressing of terrorism of 1998 affirms I quote ‘the right of peoples to combat foreign occupation aggression by whatever means including armed struggle in order to liberate their territories and secure the right to self-determination and independence’ end of quote. Armed struggle in this context is distinguished from acts of terrorism,” stated Chinese Foreign Ministry legal advisor Ma Xinmin at the International Criminal Court on Thursday.

Hamas official Osama Hamdan released a statement on this speech, saying, “We also appreciate the position expressed by the People’s Republic of China, and its emphasis on the legality of the occupied peoples’ pursuit of self-determination, by various means, including armed resistance, and the necessity not to confuse terrorism with the armed struggle practiced by the Palestinian people against the Zionist occupation.”

China has become increasingly aligned with the Palestinian cause in the last couple of years. Previously, it had begun developing warmer relations with Israel before pivoting, after the United States warned Israel about the alliance. 

In 2023, China worked to increase Saudi-Iran ties. Iran funds Hamas terrorism in the Strip. Israel had been in pursuit of normalization with Saudi Arabia prior to the October 7 massacre, when those diplomatic talks took a pause. 

Hamas official approves of ICJ hearing, protests around the world

The Hamas official continued in its approval of the other countries who showed support. “We value the positions of the countries participating in the public hearings held by the International Court of Justice on the legal consequences of the occupation policies in the Palestinian Territory, which confirmed the widespread violations of international law practiced by the terrorist occupation entity against the Palestinian people and their occupied land.”

In addition, Hamdan says Hamas “calls on the Arab and Islamic masses and free people in all the world to continue their mass movement to condemn the occupation, to put pressure to stop the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip, and to endorse and support the right of our people to liberation and self-determination.”

The Hamas official is referring to the demonstrations around the world in support of the Palestinian cause. 

“We also call on our nation’s leaders, peoples, and all free people in the world, to mobilize all energies and take serious action to support Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, stop the aggression against the Gaza Strip, and provide relief to our people in the Gaza Strip,” Hamdan said. 

In the end of his statement he calls Hamas’s efforts jihad, while calling for total victory of the war. 


The Jerusalem Post, 2024



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