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International community cannot afford to ignore or legitimize genocide։ Lemkin Institute issues new Red Flag Alert for Azerbaijan

The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention has issued its third Red Flag Alert, given Azerbaijan’s escalating rhetoric and demands and its recent attacks on Armenia’s Syunik and Gegharkunik provinces.

“Azerbaijan appears to be pursuing a strategy of gradual occupation of Armenian sovereign territory. It is now seeking control over an additional “eight villages under Armenian occupation” in the Tavush Province and has dismissed Armenia’s claims as mere “political manipulations”.

Its goal is the control of the entirety of the Armenian state and the unification of the Azerbaijani mainland with Turkey, which views Azerbaijan as part of an expansive Turkic nation,” the Institute said in a statement.

“By claiming control over strategic points across Armenia, Azerbaijan further appears to be modeling its policy on the Israeli settlements in Palestine. The danger to Armenia has become severe, necessitating immediate and coordinated attention from the international community. Urgent action is imperative to prevent another instance of territorial occupation and genocide akin to what occurred in Artsakh just six months ago,” it added.

“These pressing developments in the Tavush Province appear to show a new development in Azerbaijan’s approach to claiming Armenian territory: whereas for the past months Azerbaijan’s priority was claiming “Western Azerbaijan” and the “Zangezur corridor” in Armenia’s southern Syunik province, it is now targeting northern territories, a shift likely influenced by Iran’s firm commitment to maintaining the border with Armenia in the south. However, it is essential to recognize that the underlying tensions and risks still persist and must not be ignored. Azerbaijan’s stance on Syunik still remains and the underlying risk factors are not eliminated, especially after additional attacks on Tegh village on April 2,” the Lemkin Institute stated.

It urged global leaders to acknowledge their role in destabilizing regional security and pressure Turkey and Azerbaijan to pursue genuine peace.

“The international community cannot afford to ignore or legitimize genocide as a solution to conflicts perpetuated by regimes like in Azerbaijan. Failure to act risks undermining the rules-based order established in the aftermath of the Holocaust and could usher in a new era of genocide with devastating consequences globally,” the Institute said.

(c) Public Radio of Armenia, 2024


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