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Iraq: Life and death surrounded by gas flares

The deadly impact of the oil giants’ toxic air pollution on children and the planet is revealed in this BBC News Arabic investigation from the front line of climate change in Iraq.

Scientific tests carried out for the BBC indicate high levels of carcinogenic chemicals in communities living on oil fields in Iraq.

Iraq has the second highest level of gas flaring in the world, the poisonous practice of burning excess gas during oil production, carried out by companies contracted to run these fields, including BP.

BBC News Arabic met 13-year-old leukaemia patient Fatima, who lived with her family near the gas flares.

BP told the BBC they are “extremely concerned by the issues raised by the BBC” and will “immediately review those concerns and work with our partners on any necessary interventions.”

They added: “Management of gas produced alongside the oil is a significant challenge, and progress has been made.“

Eni, who is a lead contractor of Zubair where Fatima lived, said it "strongly rejects any allegation that its own activities are endangering the health of the Iraqi people”.

The Iraqi government and oil companies around the world have committed to end flaring by 2030.


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