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Komsic: Trust in the West has never been lower: They tolerate the same Ideas that committed Genocide

[Sarajevo Times]

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)Zeljko Komsic gave a speech before the BiH diaspora in Stuttgart ahead of the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica.

He emphasized that the crime of genocide was proven precisely thanks to the systematicity of the perpetrators of genocide who left behind material evidence and records of genocidal intent and action.

“Nothing during the commission of the crime of genocide in Srebrenica was left to chance. International courts during long-term trials, following the evidence, established the direct guilt of the President of Republika Srpska (RS) Radovan Karadzic and the political leadership of that creation, as well as the direct guilt of the commander-in-chief General Ratko Mladic and others. Courts have also established the guilt of the direct perpetrators, that is, those who carried out the tasks. From the entire series of evidence and the series of convicts, the criminal hierarchy is clearly visible, as well as the commitment to the act of crime, from an ordinary soldier and policeman to the president and general of the RS army,” said Komsic.

“A group of people, let’s be honest, among whom the Bosniaks are the most dominant, is faced with the same feeling of betrayal that it was faced with when the United Nations (UN) in Srebrenica calmly observed the implementation of the genocide. The way the generals of the Dutch battalion treated Ratko Mladic, the way the then Secretary General of the UN treated Radovan Karadzic, just as the West then treated the perpetrators of the genocide against Bosniaks with tolerance, so today thatWest treats Milorad Dodik and certain politics in Serbia, including Dragan Covic and therepresentatives of Croatian separatist politics in BiH in the same way. Trust in the West among Bosniaks, as well as among every normal person in BiH, has never been lower, which should not be surprising because after surviving the genocide, which the West watched calmly, the same political factors, in the same way, tolerate the political and ideological continuers of the genocide,” explained Komsic.

He also points out that the situation is the same today when the separatists have not given up on breaking up BiH.

In the end, Komsic said that BiH will continue to build, but without illusions.

“All those citizens of BiH who are for BiH, I believe that they can live with that unpleasant realization. And not only live, but we will also build BiH, only now without illusions that anyone will help us in this, but with the awareness that what we are building is only ours and that we are nothing to anyone, and we do not owe any explanation, even a simple one, to anyone” concluded Zeljko Komsic, a member of the BiH Presidency, reports.


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