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The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention has issued a statement criticizing global leaders on lack of action to prevent a genocidal outcome in the Nagorno-Karabakh humanitarian crisis.

A Russian peacekeeper guards the Lachin corridor. TOFIK BABAYEV/AFP via Getty Images

“There’s no “genocide prevention” in the US, the EU, NATO, or the UN, despite all the trainings, symposia, books, and speeches. We had hope that in this one instance, this perfect storm for Genocide Prevention, there would be that one courageous voice in a position of serious power who would do the right thing,” a statement by the Institute says.

“But, of course, we have no real leaders in the world today. They have no fear that they will one day be targeted by this horror, so they don’t much care. They go to sleep in smug comfort. It’s really up to the ordinary people of the world to unite and bring an end to this never ending lust for power and resources that destroys everything in its wake,” it added.

“But there are many people in global capitals, at BP, in governments who are already reaping the benefits! And wow, what benefits! Resources, access, power! Who cares if a 4000 year old civilization is lost forever?! Armenians be damned!” the Lemkin Institute said.

“We must all unite to change this equation — and we must do so fast,” it concluded.


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