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Nearly 30 villages in North-East Syria attacked by Turkey today

Turkey continues its attacks against North-East Syria with the goal of invading the entire region in violation of international law.

The invading Turkish state forces attacked more civilian settlements in North-East Syria on Thursday.

The wave of attacks with howitzer, mortar and artillery fire targeted the villages of Meyase and Zirnehîtê in Afrin’s Sherawa district; the villages of Til Leben, Gozeliyê, Um El Xêr and Mezreya Şiwêş in Til Temir; the village of Salûk southwest of Girê Spî (Tal Abyad); the villages of Til El Werd and Xirbet Şeir south of Zirgan; the villages of Keştiar and Bênê in Afrin and the village of Qeremox east of Kobanê.

In the evening hours, the Turkish army and mercenaries shelled the villages of Çelebiyê, Zormixar, Mersimêlê, Şêxler, Şiyûx, Çarixli, Merc İsmail, Cişan and Qeremox in Kobanê; the town of Silûk in Girê Spî and the villages of Hoşan, Dibis and Fatsa in Ain Issa.


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