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Statement of the International Criminal Court on the passing of Benjamin B. Ferencz

Mr Benjamin B. Ferencz [©ICC-CPI]

The International Criminal Court ("ICC" or the "Court") joins the international justice community in mourning the passing of Mr Benjamin B. Ferencz, on 7 April 2023, at the age of 103.

The Court expresses condolences to Mr Ferencz’s family and friends.

Mr Ferencz served as prosecutor at Nuremberg in charge of the historic “Einsatzgruppen” trial after World War II. As a member of civil society, Mr Ferencz was one of the foremost advocates for a permanent, independent international criminal court. His determination and optimism inspired generations of lawyers, activists and diplomats to work toward “replacing the law of force with the force of law”, which was one of Mr Ferencz’s well-known mottos, along with “law, not war”.

Mr Ferencz’s tireless work in the service of international criminal justice will have a permanent legacy. On 17 December 2020, he was decorated with the title of 'Distinguished Honorary Fellow of the International Criminal Court' and on this occasion, a bust depicting Mr Ferencz was unveiled at the Court's premises.


(c) 2023, International Criminal Court


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