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They cut off legs, fingers of female soldier: Armenian Army chief presents Azerbaijani atrocities

The Azerbaijani armed forces committed atrocities after infiltrating into Armenia’s territory, they have dismembered a woman servicemember, cut off her legs, fingers and stripped her naked.

Chief of General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Edward Asryan promised to show the respective video to the foreign diplomats during the meeting in Jermuk.

“They committed atrocities in our combat positions against our servicemen, including women servicemembers”, he said. “I can’t find words to describe how they dismembered a female soldier, cut off her legs, fingers, stripped her naked, this is the last level of cruelty”, he added.

He stated that no military force, unit or soldier of any country has a right to do such atrocities. He called it a gross violation of the international humanitarian law.

Asryan said that the war crimes have been carried out at all directions of the attack.

He assured that the Armenian Armed Forces will continue taking all measures to ensure the military security of the homeland.


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