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They killed another community leader in Colombia, bringing the death toll to 165 so far this year.

According to Indepaz, Uber Velásquez lost his life after being attacked by “armed men who came to his home in the village of La Palsa in Abardo.”

The Institute for the Study of Development and Peace (Indepaz) announced on Saturday that Uber Velásquez, a community leader, was the agricultural overseer of the Antioquia Department Apartadó in the Colombian municipality of San Jose district.

According to Indepass, the man lost his life after the attack. “Armed men Arrived at his home located in the village of La Palsa in Aberdeen. Proper rape Human rights and IHL violations [Derecho Internacional Humanitario], Which creates danger to the lives of citizens and has a direct impact on their social, productive and social development.

The agency notes that the attacks and killings took place because of the presence of armed groups guided by the interests of. Strengthening and integrating regional control “Colombia’s Kaitanista Defense Forces (AGC), National Liberation Army (ELN) and outsourced mercenaries are reportedly employed in the sector,” he said.

Velásquez’s death was also confirmed by human rights defender Jorge Sabada and deputy legislator Antioquia Camilo Calle, who described as examining a plan aimed at improving the tertiary road. Municipalities in the Development Plan with a Regional Approach (PDET).

“There is currently no evidence that Hooper’s political control is linked to the assassination. Was contactedStreet. With Velásquez’s death, they are already counting 165 Murders committed against community leaders and human rights defenders in Colombia in 2021 and he becomes a victim 1.280 Since the peace agreement was signed in 2016 22 murders Calculated by the Department this year.


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