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Somaliland Project

The Lemkin Institute's Somaliland Project aims to raise awareness around the world about issues that are threatening the Somaliland identity and existence in the Horn of Africa and to support the regional security of Somalilanders. This project has been developed in collaboration with survivors of the Isaaq genocide, with families of the victims, and with NGOs and other advocacy groups.

The Lemkin Institute has issued a statement on the Isaaq genocide that was committed by the Somali government under Siad Barre between 1987 and 1989.

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Trainings and Workshops

The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention is partnering with human rights NGOs to document atrocities committed during the 1987-89 Isaaq genocide, to identify perpetrators, and to train members of government and civil society in genocide prevention.

Keeping accounts


The Lemkin Institute collects all relevant reports and other resources pertaining to human security in Somaliland, Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

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