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SOS Alert - Gaza - 3

SOS Alert - Gaza - 3

The Lemkin Institute is alarmed by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society’s urgent appeal to the international community issued early on Friday, October 20. In this appeal, the organization stated that it received an order from the Israeli Authorities to evacuate Al-Quds hospital, which is currently accommodating 12,000 displaced people and caring for over 400 patients. The Red Crescent stated that 70% of the people in the hospital are women and children.

In the wake of this evacuation order, the hospital is currently facing the threat of an airstrike attack by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Earlier this week, the world witnessed the deadly bombing of Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza, which killed more than 500 people, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. Representatives from the Anglican Church, which ran Al-Ahli Hospital, also claimed that hospital managers were receiving calls and texts from the Israeli Defense Force prior to the bombing, warning staff and patients to evacuate.

Hospitals are protected by international humanitarian law, and any deliberate attack on a hospital constitutes a violation of Article 19 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. An attack of this nature is indisputably illegal under international law.

The Lemkin Institute urges the international community to act immediately to prevent another strike against a hospital in Gaza. To preserve the lives of wounded and displaced civilians, this evacuation order must be annulled and the IDF must make clear efforts to avoid civilian buildings. We urge policymakers, world leaders, and other stakeholders to pressure Israel to protect Al-Quds Hospital and all other hospitals in Gaza while working towards an immediate ceasefire.

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