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Podcast Episodes

The Lemkin Institute's podcast deals extensively with issues faced by Armenians in the South Caucasus.

The Anti-Genocide Coffee Break is a multinational podcast hosted by members of the Lemkin Institute in which we have a relaxed conversation on genocide prevention and the threat of genocide around the world.

Since the launch of our podcast we have released various episodes related to the situation in the South Caucasus:

Episode 2: Turkish Foreign Policy - March 2021

Episode 3: Interview with Dr. Gurgen Petrossian on Legal Responses to Artskah War - July 2021

Episode 5: Interview with Yeghia Tashjian, Expert in Global Politics - Avril 2021

Episode 7: Representing Genocide in Azerbaijan with Luciana Minassian - Avril 2021

Episode 9: Interview with Dr. Anahit Khosroeva on US President Biden's Recognition of Armenian Genocide - May 2021


Additionally, our hosts give regular updates on genocide and its prevention worldwide during their weekly episode of Genocide News Now!

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