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Podcast Episodes

The Lemkin Institute's podcast deals extensively with issues faced by communities in Iraq.

Our podcasts help to connect people around the world who are concerned about genocide and human security. In numerous episodes, we highlighted the suffering of communities in Iraq and in the wider Middle Eastern region.

Episode 1: Pope Francis's Visit to Iraq - Mars 2021

Episode 2: Turkish Foreign Policy - March 2021

Episode 6: Interview with Dr. Amy Beam on the Regional and Global Responsibility for the Yezidi Genocide - Avril 2021

Episode 11: Genocide, Palestine and Lessons from Iraq - May 2021

Episode 12: Ezidi/Yezidi Children Born of War and Genocide, with Dr. Amy Beam and Farad Shamo President of Voice of Ezidis - May 2021

Episode 14: Genocide Prevention in Iraq, with Ranin Taher - July 2021

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