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EU Warns Baku of ‘Severe Consequences’ if Armenia’s Territorial Integrity is Violated

EU’s foreign affairs spokesperson Peter Stano

The European Union warned Azerbaijan of “serious consequences” if Armenia’s territorial integrity is violated.

The European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano told Armenpress that such a clear message has been continuously passed to the authorities in Baku.

“The EU has been using every opportunity to pass clear messages to Azerbaijan that any violation of Armenia’s territorial integrity would be unacceptable and will have severe consequences for our relations,” emphasized Stano. “We remain firm and steadfast in this stance.” 

“The President of the European Council Charles Michel, the High Representative /Vice-President Josep Borrell and the EU Special Representative Toivo Klaar continue their engagement for a sustainable and lasting peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Stano told Armenpress’ Brussels correspondent Lilit Gasparyan when asked to comment on Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s latest threats and territorial claims against Armenia.

In remarks made last week, Aliyev continued to not only press for a so-called land corridor connecting to Nakhichevan through Armenia, he also threatened that without such an access Azerbaijan would not open its borders with Armenia—a condition of the peace talks.

Azerbaijan has also snubbed efforts by the EU to mediate talks with Armenia, opting to not show up to a scheduled meeting in October in Granada, Spain. In a subsequent phone call with the European Council President Michel, Aliyev accused Armenia of occupying eight Azerbaijani villages.

“The European Union has spared no diplomatic efforts to help reach a mutually acceptable settlement of the conflict over the past few years,” said Stano.

“We have been in close contact with the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaderships, tirelessly reiterating our support for the sovereignty, territorial integrity of both countries and the resolution of issues exclusively by peaceful means. Our communication channels remain open,” the spokesperson added.


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