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The Lemkin Institute has repeatedly denounced the genocidal dynamics at work in the South Caucasus region in public statements.

The Lemkin Institute releases regular statements on the situation in the South Caucasus.

We have published an extensive list of statement pertaining to the behavior of Azerbaijan and Turkey and on the threats against Armenians, their identity and their territory.

Statement on Self-Determination of Armenians in Artsakh (South Caucasus): There is No Peace or Prosperity through Genocide - November 24, 2022.

Statement on the Anti-Armenian Steam RPG Game Maroon Berets: 2030 - October 12, 2022

Statement on the Western Media Narrative Regarding Azerbaijan’s September 13 Attack on Armenia - October 4, 2022

Statement on Azerbaijan's breach of the established ceasefire agreement and its unprovoked attack on Armenia - September 18, 2022

Statement on the Continued Inhumane and Illegal Detention of Armenian POWs - July 17, 2021

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